Geometry and Statistics


Geometry is inherent in data which is either known or to be learnt which should be incorporated for statistical learning and inference. Modern data of complex data are routinely collected in many areas of science and engineering. Typical examples include imaging data (e.g., DTI, FMRI), shape data, network data and so on. In many cases, the underlying space where these general data object lie form an interesting geometric space, often a manifold whose geometry can be well-characterized. 

One of the actively ongoing research area of our lab is Statistics on Manifolds which deals with statistical inference of complex data of the above kind. This requires creative combinations of tools from statistics, differential geometry and Riemannian geometry. Our lab also works on Optimizations on Manifolds where the optimization is constrained to manifolds, which has vast applications such as in building recommender systems, and geometric control theory. 

We are interested in proposing new theory and algorithms for general optimization problems in particular for integer programming, non-convex optimization and optimization on manifolds. 


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