• Faculty (PIs)

           Dr. Lizhen Lin, CV

          Areas of expertise: Statistics; Topological Data Analysis; Network Analysis; Statistics on Manifolds 

          Dr. Dong Quan Nguyen,  CV

           Areas of expertise:  Algebraic Topology; Algebraic Geometry; Topological Data Analysis,  Network Analysis; 

  • Postdocs

                         Dr. Ilsang Ohn

                    Alumni:  Prof. Minwoo Chae, now at Case Western Reserve University

                                    Prof. Kyoungjae Lee, now at Inha University 

                                   Dr. Bayan Saparvayeva, now at Rochester University

  • Graduate students

            Yutzu Kuo  (supervised by Dr. Lin) 

           Luyi Shen   (supervised by Dr. Lin) 

           Kisung You (supervised by Drs Jin and Lin) 

           Kevin Manley (supervised by Dr. Lin) 

                      Yihao Fang. (supervised by Drs Xu and Lin) 

                      Lin Xing  (supervised with Dr. Nguyen).

     Alumni:    Professor  Li Chen, Now at Southwest Minzu University

  • Master students 

            Alumni: Max Hong 


  • Undergraduate students