• Faculty (PIs)

           Dr. Lizhen Lin, CV

          Areas of expertise: Statistics; Big data Analyis; Network Analysis; Statistics on Manifolds 

          Dr. Dong Quan Nguyen,  CV

           Areas of expertise:  Algebraic Topology; Algebraic Geometry; Network Analysis; Optimizations

  • Postdocs

          Dr. Ilsang Ohn

                    Alumni:  Prof. Minwoo Chae, now at Case Western Reserve University

                                    Prof. Kyoungjae Lee, now at Inha University 

                                   Dr. Bayan Saparvayeva, now at Rochester University

  • Graduate students

            Yutzu Kuo

           Luyi Shen

           Kisung You

           Kevin Manley

                      Yihao Fang 

           Li Chen (visiting scholar from Sichuan University)

  • Master students 

            Max Hong 

            Lin  Xing

  • Undergraduate students