Research Overview

The research of our lab focuses on advancing theory, model and algorithms for general statistical and optimization problems arising in data science. One of the central theme of our research is to employ mathematical tools and insights from Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Topology,  Differential Geometry/Riemannian geometry for statistics and optimization. Our main areas of research include (1) Geometry and Statistics; (2) Network Analysis; (2) Optimizations; and (4) Big Data Analysis. 



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Research Articles


 Nguyen, D., Le, P, Xing, L, and Lin, L.(2021). A topological characterization of DNA sequences based on chaos geometry and persistent homology. Submitted. 

 Nguyen, D., Le, P, Hu, Z, and Lin, L.(2021). A topological approach to DNA similarity analysis from 5-dimensional representation.pdf. Submitted. 


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Lee, K. and Lin, L. (2020). Bayesian Bandwidth Test and Selection for High-dimensional Banded Precision Matrices .pdf  
    Bayesian Analysis (2020), to appear.



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Larsen, M. and Nguyen, D. Q (2019).
 Waring's problem for unipotent algebraic groupspdf
Annales de L'Institut Fourier, Tome 69, n.4 (2019), 1857-1877

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